Children of Abraham

In 2004 I was an Artist in Residence at the San Francisco Dump. One day while in the process of collecting refuse for my artwork I saw a pile of children's books that were printed for Arabic speaking children, in order for them to learn to read and write in Arabic. I took them back to the studio. They had a very familiar feeling to me. Sometime later in the year my mother mailed to me a package that contained some old papers and books from my childhood. In that package I found a book that I had used while attending an after public school Yiddish and Hebrew language school. The Hebrew text and the illustrations in the book from my childhood were very similar to the design of the Arabic books that I found that summer at the SF Dump. Children of Abraham is my own personal attempt at repair, finding the visual similarities and literally sewing or bandaging the two distinct parts together as a single image. This series of 18 pieces takes my internalized grief about the tragic state of affairs in the Middle East and attempts to take very simple action, to make visible the last threads of hope.